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Vertical Foam Nozzle
Vertical Foam Nozzle


Polyurethane Vertical Foam Nozzle


Vertical Foam Nozzle is a great product designed to accommodate various needs. It allows you to apply polyurethane foam (in a can) to a vertical surface or even overhead with the same results as spray foam. It is a delicate process indeed but with OUR Verical Foam Nozzle it makes it super easy. You can watch our video with an expert's advice on how to apply Vertical Foam Nozzle with maximum results. 
The Nozzle is 3.25" long, 2.75" wide and .375" thick. It will fit most of the foam cans with the .203 diameter straw. One can of foam will yield about 3.5 square feet, 1" thick. Vertical Foam Nozzle also works great on large gaps.
Vertical Foam Nozzle made out of recyclable durable plastic. Our Vertical Foam Nozzle is REUSABLE. Every part of OUR product is made in the USA and designed to satisfy the needs no matter how big or small your project is. 

Nozzle attached to GE brand foam found at Walmart. It also fits the Touch and foam and Greatstuff cans. It does not fit the Dap brand or any other can that has the .25" straw.  It can be easly adapted with a piece of plastic hose. 

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